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The Tasmanian electricity market has been open to Full Retail Competition (FRC) since mid 2014 and as a result of this, competition for small business consumers in Tasmania has increased significantly. We can now arrange competitive quotes for businesses using as little as $1,500 per Quarter at our Compare Page.

In February 2019, "1st Energy" launched in Tasmania to compete with Aurora for Residential consumers, However the current (August 2021) focus of our business is to help other Tasmanian businesses.

Whilst Tasmanian business consumers can choose their electricity provider, it is important to note that all Small consumers (less than 150,000kWh pa around $40,000 pa or less) can simply stay on their Regulated Electricity Tariffs, which the Tassie Gov have frozen at 2019 pricing levels, See (Standing Offer Contract).

Whilst you will be free to seek out competitive offers if you want to, there is no obligation for Small Offer Customers (SOC's) to sign a new market contract. So don't be bullied into signing anything and report any abuse of this to The Energy Ombudsman Tasmania. Remember Retailers may not be under any obligation to save you money. We can help you save money directly at our Compare page or assist you to join or form an Electricity Buying Group, to find out more e-mail us at [email protected]

Don't forget Choice of Electricity Retailer or Contestability in Tasmania is a two way street. You can chose your retailer, but they can also chose you, or decide not to chose you. Retailers will often consider your payment history and/or credit rating in deciding if and how to price your business and to structure their commercial terms.

Aurora Energy's Network Business (Poles & Wires) was merged with Transend's High Voltage Transmission line business in mid-2015 to create the new entity  TasNetworks. TasNetworks continues to be responsible for the physical supply of electricity, new connections, extensions and upgrades, metering, line maintenance and the 24 Hour faults and emergency control room on 132 004. All other physical supply enquires (I.e. Not Billing enquiries, which are handled by your Retailer) can be made to TasNetworks on 1300 137 008.

Tasmanian Energy Brokers Pty Ltd has been specifically established to assist Tasmanian Small Business consumers to benefit from electricty market deregulation, save money and to avoid the pitfalls.  For more information Contact Us or return to our Frequently Asked Questions, here at FAQ.