Let TEB save you time and money. Make the switch to lower electricity costs today.

Client Testamonial: “We personally hold in very high regard the value your team bring to our business as an independent broker. Without the value GE & TEB provide us annually it would give far too much power back to the limited number of suppliers in the state and other parties who might have a vested interest in the sale of the energy (which we know all too well inevitably means consumers end up paying more and suppliers profit margins grow). For us to be able to utilise both your businesses extensive knowledge in the energy space (knowledge we don't possess) plus your focussed negotiation skills, is a huge advantage for our business. Your business ultimately means more money in our pockets to spend on business development and running costs. It also drives competition and innovation among Tasmania's energy suppliers. A big thank you to everyone at Goanna Energy and Tas Energy Brokers!” Matthew, Finance Manager, Tasmanian Agribusiness, February 2020.

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